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Chocolate Salami, better than brains

Chocolate Salami


100g of almond meal
100g of Rich Tea biscuits reduced to crumbs
150g of melted butter (don’t use the microwave to melt the butter. It gets bitter. Melt it in a bain marie, (double boiler)
1 egg
200g of icing sugar
100g of cocoa powder
A few drops of almond essence.

Mix the almond meal and the ground biscuits into a glass bowl. Add the cocoa powder and sugar and mix some more. Then add the egg, the melted butter, and the almond essence. Combine well. Pour the mixture into a tinfoil sheet and give it the shape of salami. (It’s easier if your hands are wet). Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving. Enjoy.

Tips and variations: Instead of the almond meal, you can use roasted almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios etc. Put the nuts in a blender and chop them until you obtain a fine mixture. (My blender doesn’t work well, so the nuts remain a bit on the large size, but the result is still good.)
Use dark, sugar free cocoa powder, or the salami will become too sweet.
Icing sugar mixes well with the other ingredients, but for a healthier option, try coconut sugar. It’s less sweet than normal sugar but full taste.
If you want the vegan version, discard the egg, buy some vegan biscuits, and use melted coconut butter (200g), and enjoy!