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The Pursuit of Mrs Pennyworth

The Pursuit of Mrs Pennyworth
The pursuit of Mrs Pennyworth by Callie Hutton
Five stars for this lovely romantic suspense novel set in Victorian London.
A mysterious admirer delivers horrific gift to Mrs Charlotte Pennyworth’s threshold. Dead animals, letters stained with blood, and disturbing messages. Mrs Pennyworth decides to hire Mr Elliot Baker, a former Scotland Yard police officer turned into a Pinkerton man, to investigate the unwanted parcels. As every friend of Mrs Pennyworth becomes a suspect, Charlotte and Elliot fall in love.
Although I guessed who the villain was quite quickly, this intriguing, fast paced novel kept me glued to the pages. I was a bit disappointed by Elliot’s behaviour toward the end of the story, but he fully made up for it in the end.