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Fifty-one by Chris Barnham
*** This review contains spoilers***
I don’t usually add spoilers when I write a review, but this time I’m breaking this rule because it won’t be easy to talk about this awesome book without exploring it.
I loved the concept. In London 2040, a group of Off-Time agents, Lew, Jake, Hannah, and Nancy, who time travel to catch time-travel criminals, go back to London 1941 to prevent the assassination of Winston Churchill. Without Churchill, the Nazis would win the war and Europe would fall. While the mission is a success of sort, something else happens. Jake meets Amy, a woman destined to die during a V-1 attack in 1944. It’s love at first sight.
My favourite characters are Amy, first and foremost, she’s lovely, then Lew, and Nancy. I hated Hannah with a passion, and I had mixed feeling about Jake. I was deeply disappointed when he left Amy alone in London to travel back to 2040. She followed him, but it was an accident. He never meant to take her with him, which made me feel betrayed, after all the sweet things Jake told Amy, his promise to look after her… And as much as I didn’t like Hannah, she deserved honesty, and Jake’s behaviour was often confusing toward her.  Anyway, the end is perfect and I did forgive Jake for his lapse in the first part of the book.   Totally recommend it!