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Memory Walker

Memory Walker by Carly Marino

Five stars for this awesome debut novel by author Carly Marino. I couldn’t put this book down.
Seventeen-year-old Thea has the uncanny gift to read other people’s memories every time she touches them. To her it feels more like a curse. Secrets, lies, intimate desires—Thea sees it all and wouldn’t want to. She wants to fit in, be a normal girl, and have a uneventful senior year.
Already branded as the official school freak with only Nora and Ethan as friends, Thea struggles to live a normal life until she meets drop-dead gorgeous Cole Conway… and she learns all his secrets. After that, Thea has no chance at a normal life ever again.

This beautifully written novel is full of romance, action, twists, gorgeous descriptions, and ridiculously sexy boys. I particularly loved Thea and her inner struggle, her loneliness, and her desire to be normal. It’s easy to relate to her.
She grows through the story into a brave, young woman who faces danger to protect those she loves. Cole is sweet, handsome, and funny, it’s not possible not falling in love with him.
And you’re going to love all the minor characters because Ethan, Nora, Drake, and awesome Logan are just great. I loved their humour and banters. On top of that, there are many laugh out loud moments which are always a plus in a story.

Totally recommend it for a great read. Looking forward to reading the next book from the author.