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The Taming by Imogen Keeper
The Taming by Imogen Keeper

This great third book of the Tribe Warriors series is full of action and tension.  The story starts where the previous book ends, with Klymeni fleeing from her supposed to be husband, Spiro, with Tor, the Vestigi prisoner.
Klymeni, after plotting her escape from Spiro’s ship with the help of Tor, a Vestige bounty hunter, finds herself alone with the sworn enemy of the Argenti, and it’s not an easy situation.
Tor is nothing like the polite and refined Argenti males Klym is used to deal with. He’s rough and bellows a lot, and is eager to get rid of her and dump her on the first planet he finds… except he can’t do that because his attraction for her isn’t easy to ignore.
It’s an awesome love story with lots of action and funny moments. I loved the banter between the two protagonists. I hope the author will write Spiro’s story soon. The poor man deserves a break and to find the right mate.
Totally recommend it.