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Mostly Innocent by J.M. Jenkins

Mostly Innocent by J.M. Jinks

Awesome novel with a lovely main character and a great cast! Layla is a thousand-year-old Italian succubus who keeps a low profile and is always careful to not hurt anyone with her power. But when she’s wrongly accused to have murdered a guy, she finds herself stuck with Elijah, a succubus hunter, a gorgeous succubus hunter, who wants to catch the real murderer.
I really, really loved this book. I loved Layla’s voice, the plot (there’s a mystery involved), the romance, the beautiful smooth writing, and the humour. It’s a quick fun read with many laugh out points and sexy scenes.
It ends with a cliff hanger so I’m looking forward to reading the next book of the series!
And I was lucky enough to interview the author!

Hello Jenna!!
I’m so glad to have you here and proud to be a fellow Champagne Book Group author.

1.       What I particularly loved in your book is the funny and light voice and the undercurrent sense of humour. Was it difficult to deal with a dark subject like a succubus and lace it with humour?
When you have a character who is evil but the heroine of the story, you need to balance it well so there is a likability factor. There were times I didn’t want make her evil, but had to because of what Layla is. Now I enjoy the clashing of her personality and being evil. It’s fun to write and there are more layers and grit to her that I enjoy.

2.       Would you tell us what you’re working on at the moment? {Hope it’s book 2 of the series J}
I am working on three manuscripts actually. One of them is book two for Mostly Innocent. Another is a YA fantasy, which is out of my comfort zone but have been wanting to write. The last is a shifter romance I hope to publish that is actual an established series written by several authors.
3.       Layla is a thousand-year-old succubus from Sardinia, Italy.  How did you choose Sardinia?
I am Italian and so I wanted her to be from Italy. I chose Sardinia after watching a food/ political  show (Huang’s World on Vice.)

4.       Who’s your favourite character of Mostly Innocent? And who’s your least favourite? (The character that was hardest to write about)
My favorite character is Archer. He is so vivid in my imagination so he was so easy to write about. Elijah is the hardest for me to write. In Layla’s eyes, he’s perfect—that’s a challenge as a writer, no one is perfect. Obviously Elijah is flawed too, but he needed to still be the hero so balancing those ideas were a challenge.

5.       An invisible question for you:
And your answer is?
Paris. Always Paris.

6.       Ask yourself a question, give yourself an answer:
Why choose a succubus as the protagonist?
                I love characters that are evil but do good things. The clashing of personality adds a lot of depth and grit to a story, versus the always good hero. Layla is a good person, but makes a lot of selfish decisions. She literally collects souls for hell, but wants to do the right thing. She commits small bouts of innocent “evil” from time to time. For example, Elijah, her do-good love interest, is always perfect (in her eyes.) He has perfect handwriting, tidy desk, etc. So when she has the opportunity to do small things to purposely irritate him, she will. For example, she mixes up his alphabetized files—harmless action but no real reason for her to do it.
The other enigma I love about Layla being a succubus is she has to, ahem, get down and dirty regularly to exist. This allows for some steamy scenes and for her to push the boundaries a bit. However, Mostly Innocent has an underlying theme of romance. How can she collect souls and maintain a relationship at the same time? Should she harm the man she cares about or get chunks of souls from another man? This idea makes her dating life a little challenging to say the least.

7.       What can you tell us about the villain of your next story without giving us too many spoilers?
The villain stems from book one, in that they suspected the imposter succubus to be working with someone, well she was. Also, with more and more happening in the realm, there will be some other visitors to mess with Layla in book two. 

8.       There will be a book with Archer as protag? {I love him, he’s gorgeous and he’s fun!!}
I have a particular fondness for Archer, and have thought of various ways I could bring his story to life. I haven’t decided exactly what I want to do, but there is a very strong possibility he will have his own book at some point. 

9.       Who would play the role of Layla and Elijah if Mostly Innocent is turned into a movie? Also, will you send me a pass for the backstage? ;) 
I always envisioned Elijah as Henry Cavill (because swoon) and Layla as the Victoria Secret model Candice Swanepoel. 

10.   Last question, if you were an X-woman, which power will you have?
Definitely teleportation. I think about this often actually. I love to travel, and speak fluent French, so to be able to teleport from LA to Paris for un express and croissant in the blink of an eye is way too enticing to me! 

Thanks for joining me!!

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