The Organised Author

My Life In Typos

If you’ve read a few posts of this blog, you might’ve guessed that I have more typos in my body than blood cells.
As a writer, I find typos frustrating because no matter how many times I read a piece, there will always be something I miss. It’s like a curse!!!
But sometimes typos can be funny, well, they are most of the times, or at least, I find them funny, haha, and I want to share some of them.
Just yesterday, I was writing this little, emotional scene where my male protag says to the girl “You’re my beacon.”
Of course I wrote, “You’re my bacon.”
Great. How to ruin a scene by missing an “e”, haha. I blame my hubby who always says that pigs are his best friends.

I was entering my novel, The Heart Collector, in a local contest, and I had to choose a few categories: romance, steampunk, mysteries, and historical romance.
The website kept saying that the genre “historical romance” didn’t exist. I tried again, but nope. Historical romance wasn’t an accepted category.
I was getting quite annoyed until I realised I was typing “hysterical romance” haha.

Months ago, at work, I was exchanging emails with my boss and few other people. My boss was a bit overwhelmed at that time, and she was getting frustrated about a couple of things that weren’t going as she wanted. The conversation escalated when my boss complained about the lack of help on a report she was writing. People were getting upset, and I wanted to smooth things down. So I wanted to write I was happy to have a look at the report, but I wrote, “If you need another pair of ice . . .” haha.
Well, at least that made everyone laughs, lol.

Last one! Years ago, I sent six query letters to six different agents with the same, awful typo. Instead of “word count” I wrote . . . Well,  cut an “o” and use your imagination ;)