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The Guardian Of Light-Book 4

It's with great pleasure that I host today a fellow Champagne Books Group author, Renee Wildes, an amazing writer and a lovely friend.

Guardians of Light, Book 4
Fantasy Romance
Cover design by Carly Marino

Without his forbidden touch, her light will disappear forever.


Plagued with nightmares of a goblin child tormented by monsters—and with her usual cures having no effect—dream faerie Pryseis journeys to the Shadowlands to heal the child in person even though doing so risks the wrath of the faerie council. And, if she’s away from home too long, her very existence.

Caught and imprisoned by an ungrateful goblin sorcerer, she’s now trapped underground, chained, her despair growing as her time ticks down yet warmed by the memory of a man she has only touched in dreams.

Benilo ta Myran drained his spirit healing powers during the war, but he has no choice. The beautiful faerie in his dreams is in trouble, and not even his worried king and queen can stop him from trying to save her before the darkness snuffs out her light.

Finally they are together—chained side-by-side in a goblin dungeon. Their only hope for escape is to break the law to merge their powers in a ritual so intensely erotic it binds them for life. However short and nightmarish that life might be…

Warning: Beware beautiful faeries and hot elves appearing in your dreams. They may lead you astray…and steal your heart.


Sky-blue eyes flashed in her mind. Warm. Steady. Comforting. The elven spirit-healer. Benilo. Their connection surprised her. But she clung to that brief reassurance now. He’d come to help the lad. If she failed, if she died, there was another.

Since when had she become so defeatist? Pryseis shook herself back to sense. She studied the goblin in the lead. The black sorcerer with that ominous staff of power clutched in his gnarled hands. What were his powers? Was he somehow amplifying the magnitude of her grief and rage?

What if he was doing the same to the lad’s nightmares? To what end?

Think, Pryseis, think…

They crawled past a pool inhabited by ghostly white fish with no eyes. She cringed. Lost, she was lost in a nightmare world of earth and darkness.

Earth. Air. Fire. Water. All four elements—the essence of a spirit-healer. She was surrounded by earth—a drop of water dripped onto her forehead and slid down her nose—and water. She blinked it away, considering. Their connection had started with a dream. She hoped for a brief echo in waking hours, that he could sense her, could track her. She focused on the faint, lingering echo and pictured her amulet. The one thing of hers he’d recognize.

She held the image in her pounding head. Feigning exhaustion, she ceased slithering forward, groaned, and leaned against the solid rock wall. Pressed her head into the mud—what was a little more mud? The clinging quality might come in handy for what she intended. Crystal butterfly with amethyst wings…a flare of recalled passion…hold it.

Don’t let it go. Keep it for the one who follows.

“Come to me. Follow me. Find me.”

The earth was solid. It endured. It should hold the imprinting for a time.

The goblin behind her prodded her forward with a guttural curse. She resumed crawling. At last they entered a tunnel where she could stand, and she unfolded her body with a groan, stretching cramped muscles. With all the twisting and turning, the lack of light, ’twas impossible to tell how far they’d traveled. The eerie green glow revealed the sharp, sneering faces of her captors. The little bandy-legged hunchbacks were quick, nimble, and strong. They’d hauled her up a chimney earlier as if she weighed naught. She studied their weapons—long knives or short swords, depending on one’s point of view, tiny daggers, and bows with those lethal green-fletched black arrows.

Poison arrows.


 Renee Wildes grew up reading fantasy authors Terry Brooks and Mercedes Lackey and is a huge Joseph Campbell fan, so the minute she discovered romance novels it became inevitable that she would combine it all and write fantasy romance. Renee is a history buff, from medieval times back to ancient Greece and Sparta. As a Navy brat and a cop’s kid, she gravitated to protector/guardian heroes and  heroines. She’s had horses her whole life, so became the only vet tech in a family of nurses. It all comes together in her Guardians of Light series for Samhain – fantasy, action, romance, heroics and lots of critters!

(The Working Mom)
I live in Wausau, central Wisconsin (paper mill central!) 2 hours north of Madison. I’m the married mother of two with 3 cats, a Chow, & a gray Morab mare.

I’m a study in contrasts. I’m a Navy brat and a cop’s kid. I’m the lone vet tech in a family of nurses. Growing up all my friends were boys and Arabian horses, but I’d stand a date up to go horseback riding in the mountains. My ideal weekend is caving, the muddier the better, or rappelling, but it takes me twenty minutes to lean back over that cliff – every single time. Steve Irwin & Josh Gates are my heroes, but I’m deathly afraid of snakes and spiders.

When I’m not writing, I’m running between my day job as an Petsmart dog groomer, 4H meetings, the barn, & horse shows. I drive a cream Ford Escape SUV. I HATE to shop, unless it’s horse or baby stuff. I own 2 pairs of shoes, 3 skirts and 1 dress. I live in jeans in the summer and sweats in the winter. I have pierced ears but never wear earrings. I love the Dark Ages, Medieval Renaissance fairs, and scrapbooking. My favorite flowers are lilies.

When I get time to read, I love fantasy, action, and dark paranormal. My favorite book is The Ladies of Mandrigyn by Barbara Hambly. I want to be Mercedes Lackey when I grow up. I love reading Lori Foster, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christine Feehan & Angela Knight. In non-fiction I love history from Ancient Egypt & Greece through the Dark Ages, also New Age/Magical Arts. I’m a writing book junkie. I could start my own reference librarian/research business.

I will have to die in my current house because all my friends refuse to haul my book collection another foot. Not even one little box. I’ve always loved writing. In school I was the only kid to have a MAXIMUM word count. My Grandma Jeanne was my inspiration; she was the first writer in our family.

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  1. Thanks for having me as a guest in your home LOL Looking forward to returning the favor! Just an FYI for people, Pryseis' nephew Dax is my hero in Book 6, A Guardian Betrayed that I'm working on getting to Cassie over at Champagne today.

    1. You're welcome! :) And congrats on your sixth book of the series!!


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