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Cyber Knot by Paige Etheridge

Cover by Arielle Sommerville
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It's with great pleasure that today I host fellow Solstice author Paige. Her book, Cyber Knot, is cyperpunk novel set in Seattle.

An economy boosted by drugs. A dying subculture replacing body parts with see-through prosthetic organs. Independent armies with intentions unknown. A girl who ran away from her gang due to fears of her own romantic stirrings, as well as the purpose of the chip the same man put inside her. Something else is coming, and it's much bigger than the drug battle of her soon to be wiped out ex-gang.


Of Athenian descent, Paige Etheridge is a Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate, a Pisces Sun/ Leo Moon/ Aries Ascendant, a Taoist and a compulsive writer. A graduate of the SUNY Purchase's highly selective Lily Lieb Port Writing program for Creative Writing (where she carried a second major in History), Paige is an ex-MMA journalist who has been published in several magazines, including INKED. Paige lives near Virginia Beach with her Police Officer husband, and her dog, Athena. She is an avid cook and gardener and tends to binge on True Crime, Gaming, Astrology and Paranormal You-Tube videos. Paige loves old rock music and is a fan of Metal Gear Solid games, which she admits to playing constantly.