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The Heart Collector-What The Characters Have To Say

Picture by PrettSleepy2

Meet Trigger :) 

I think I love all the scenes with Trigger, the orphan Isabel—my main character—takes care of. He’s fun to write and I don’t have to worry about typos because he uses very bad grammar, lol.

Auckland, New Zealand 1884

Hullo. Name’s Trigger. I’m ten, or eleven. Not sure. I grew up in the rookery, never met me parents.
Dunno my real name. Sure I had a Christian name. But I ain’t remember mine no more. They call me friend Frog because the coal lasses near our home say he can French-kiss you senseless. But I ain’t sure what that means. Sounds painful. And they call me Trigger because they say me father was good with a gun, but some say it ain’t a real gun, if you know what it means.
I’m also a cat pursuer, no wait, it’s cut pusher . . . ? I’m a thief. Cutpurse, that’s the word. Lady Isabel took Murk, Frog, and I in, gave me a room all for I too. Told me she’ll teach me to read books. I hope she does. She said destruction in important to have a job. No, it ain’t destruction. Something else that ends in ‘struction.’
Anyway, if I get struction, I ain’t have to pursue cats no more. 

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