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Her Flame

I'm please to announce that my book Her Flame-Auckland Steampunk First Class#1 is ready fot pre-order on Amazon:

This lovely cover was made by Rebeca from Fiverr
And here the blurb:

The only thing twenty-two-year-old Bridie wants is freedom. Freedom to travel the world, do as she likes, and make her own decisions. Marriage? Finding a man? No, thank you. Besides, she’s a Supernatural, able to remember everything she reads, hears, or sees—a skill she can use to find an adventurous job.
But she doesn’t know that six years ago, her father secretly married her to Lord Aurelius Steward. A few papers, her father’s signature, and Bridie became Mrs Steward.
So when Aurelius asks her to leave with him for a trip, she wishes him bon voyage. Except that, the trip is actually a secret mission to stop a terrorist attack on the next Technological Exhibition of Auckland.
Gifted with unnatural strength, Aurelius is part of the Military Intelligence Seventh Division, and to prevent the attack, he needs Bridie and her superpower.
She accepts. Adventures, travels, and a gorgeous man—what could a girl want more?