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Pacific Blue by Kristina Luckey

I'm really please to host fellow romance author Kristina Luckey and her latest release: Pacific Blue

Art first. Love later…or so she thought.

Sea life sculptor Piper Diaz is tired of being pressured to conform. She is never marrying, joining her family’s investment firm, or moving from her tiny industrial loft. Her sole focus is getting her artwork shown. And screw anyone who’s told her to drop the hobby. Nothing will stop her now that Pacific Blue Fine Art Gallery has agreed to show her sculptures. Things are finally going her way…

That is until entrepreneur and businessman Alex Hutton purchases the gallery and has zero interest in unknown artists. He gives her a choice to work for him or quit.

Alex has sunk all his money into reimagining Pacific Blue and turning it into a premier gallery. He won’t be distracted and certainly not by the beautiful Latina glaring at him. Still, there’s something about Piper he can’t shake, regardless of his heart-shattering past. Pacific Blue must open in a month or he loses everything. Working alongside Piper might just cause him to lose his heart along with his investment.


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Lovely, beautifully written contemporary romance in an amazing coastal set.
Piper is a sea life sculptor who would do anything to realise her dream. Her family doesn’t approve of her work, and despite the lack of support from her loved ones, she keeps going.
Alex, a rich man with a dark secret, is the owner of the art gallery where Piper is supposed to show her work, but he needs famous artists to recover the money he put in this new business, and Piper doesn’t fit the bill.
I loved both characters. They’re strong, realistic, and stomp off the pages. I loved the beautiful descriptions too and the rising tension between Alex and Piper, her complex relationship with her family, and his way to help her.
It’s a standalone novel with a HEA, but I’d suggest reading “Pleasure Cove” too, the first book of the series.
Also a lovely cover.

Kristina writes multi-layered stories with characters that stay with readers long after the words The End. Her first work of women’s fiction A Forgiving Heart received honorable mention for a novel excerpt in the Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition sponsored by the National League of American Pen Women. Her contemporary romance novels Pleasure Cove and Pacific Blue promise the same emotional read, stunning California settings, along with strong, sassy heroines and heroes who will steal your heart.

A California native, Kristina shares her love of the Golden State with readers through setting and culture in a series of contemporary romance novels. When she isn’t writing, she is exploring her state, traveling, looking for the best eats (she’s a major foodie), and spending time with her family. 

Piper Díaz sipped her cold brew coffee as she strolled by the line of condos hugging the edge of the coastal sandstone bluffs.
The watery blast of a gray whale exhaling had Piper’s head snapping to the sea. On their way north from Baja, a mother, trailed by her calf, surfaced. Another explosive gusher of misty air rose high above the water.
Piper smiled then turned down a walkway leading to South Sierra Avenue. She crossed the street and headed over to Pacific Blue Fine Art Gallery, its coral painted stucco faded and blistered from the moist sea air. Dull wood-framed windows and glass door needed a new coat of marine varnish. Boring cream-colored blinds shut out potential buyers.
She hugged her coffee cup, then shaded her cell phone from the sun with her hand. Eleven o’clock. Oliver should’ve opened the shop by now. Her gaze darted around the building before she marched up to the door and shoved her key into the lock. Come on, turn. She jiggled it and twisted the handle. It refused to give. She leaned in and peeked into the gallery from the tiny space between the blind and doorframe.
A tall man, sporting a form-fitting white button-up shirt stood with his broad back to her. His free hand waved about as he spoke into his cell. Oliver? She looked closer. Hardly. Her boss wished he had a body like that. She smirked and sipped her coffee.
What was going on? Blinds drawn and lock changed? Her breath caught in her throat. Oh shit, had the struggling business gone under in the last twenty-four hours? No. Oliver would’ve said something. He knew her finances were tenuous, and she lived check to check. She sucked up the last bit of her cold brew courage, tossed the cup into a nearby steel slatted waste bin, and pounded her fist on the door.
“We’re closed,” the man yelled out.
Oh, he wasn’t brushing her off that easily. Piper continued rapping the wood. The door blind shifted to the side, revealing a stunning specimen. Curly black hair, piercing sapphire blue eyes, a commanding jawline, and, well, too damn beautiful.
God, please don’t let him be gay.
He grinned, fanning her lust. Shit. Six months since she’d sent Raúl packing, and she could use a little action.
“Sorry, but we’re closed.” His deep voice was loud and clear through the glass.
She fixated on his lips and imagined her mouth pressed against them.
He rapped a knuckle on the glass. “Are you okay?”
“What?” Her daydream fizzled, as those lips pursed.
“I said we’re closed.” The blind shifted back into place, blocking her view of the gallery.
Piper jerked back, wrinkled her nose, and banged her fist, the door rattling with each blow. At last, the door cracked open and those blue eyes reappeared.
“Who are you?” His voice rumbled.
“I work here. Who are you?” she fired back. “Why is the gallery closed?”
“What’s your name?”
“Piper Díaz.”
He ran his thumb over his smartphone then stopped and locked eyes with her. “I’ve called you twice, Ms. Díaz.”
“You didn’t leave a message, and I don’t answer strange numbers.”
“Maybe you should start.” He opened the door wider. “Come in.”    

Thanks Kristina for sharing, and thanks for reading! 💓💓💙💚💛💜