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The Pact of the White Blade Knights ~ **~ Excerpt

The Pact of the White Blade Knights is going live on the 24th of October, so I'd like to share an

excerpt from the book 😍. Usually, I share the first page, but this time I'm going to cheat and share

something else with a teaser as well.

πŸ’œExcerpt  πŸ’œ

Hazel sprang to her feet, a few crumbs falling from her lap. “I’m not interested in that type of job offer. Good day, Mr Sancerre.”
He rose as well, brows drawn together. “Why are you leaving?”
“You lured me here under false pretences.” She stopped in front of the open door and spun, anger stirring her blood.
“I don’t recall having written anything specific in my calling card.”
Damn him. It was true. “I won’t be your whore. Just because I’m a woman and in need of a job, it doesn’t mean I’ll do anything.” She faced the door again, only it was shut.
Tyon’s hand pressed against it, and his arm brushed her cheek. For the second time, she froze. That earthy scent of his engulfed her, but couldn’t quieten the frantic beating of her heart. He’d moved incredibly fast and silently. He’d been on the other side of the room. She was sure of that.
“Sit down,” he gritted out.
He dared give her orders? After offending her? Hazel clenched her fists. “I wish to leave. Now.”
“I’m not the most patient of men, and you’ve insulted me with your wrong assumption. As I told you, you’re safe with me, and I would never ask you to whore yourself, and I’m sorry for you.”
She turned to him again, which wasn’t a smart thing to do since his body was mere inches from hers, and the closeness did funny things to her insides. “You’re sorry for me? What does that ever mean?” Her voice trembled, but it wasn’t only fear shaking it. He was caging her between the door and his huge, hard body.

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