The Organised Author

The Vampire Who Played Sudoku


I'm happy to announce that my paranormal romance/ romantic comedy, The Vampire Who

Played Sudoku, will be released the 30th of November 2019. 


I'm a bit nervous this time because Ash isn't an alpha male. He's a cute and sweet biology teacher with no superpower to speak of.  So, I'm a bit worried that readers of vampire stories might not like him.  Anyway, I have a few ARC copies on BookSprout. You're welcome to download a copy

                                          **•.¸¸.•*´💖💖´ *•.¸¸.•**


Yes, I’m a vampire. No, I don’t drink human blood. I feed from other vampires, and nope, I’m not super-fast, extra strong, or immortal. Only vampires who drink from humans have superpowers. What’s special about me? Well, I’m a biology teacher and if you think that’s not impressive, try keeping 25 kids quiet while talking about cells. And I play Sudoku, not well like my brother who went rogue and became addicted to human blood.
Now I have this Watcher officer, Evangeline, who wants my help to catch Hunter, the vampire who’s terrorising Auckland. I said I’ll help.
She doesn’t know Hunter is my brother.

A good vampire is a dead one. Vampires used me as cattle, and now it’s payback time for those suckers. That’s why I became a Watcher, to catch and kill vampires. Ash is different from the vampires I know though, but his nice, cute-boy attitude can be a clever trick. Vampires are evil, deceiving creatures, and I’m going to kill Hunter, whatever it takes.
*Paranormal romance for adults with moderate steam level*