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The second book of my Auckland Steampunk First Class Series is on pre-order 😍


I'm a bit nervous about this book because it's the first time I put something very personal in the story. Well, every book I wrote has something personal, but this one is different.
Here's the blurb!

Auckland, 1859
Alexandra Greystone is a Supernatural. The power of deduction is her gift . . . and her curse. With one look, she can understand everything about a man: where he comes from, what he does for a living, and even if he cheated on her. Like her former husband.
A marriage annulment is painful enough without Auckland’s peers doing nothing but gossip about her. Bruised and hurt, she accepts a job with Military Intelligence Seventh Division  to catch a dangerous criminal.
It’s the perfect solution: she’ll help people, escape Auckland, and keep her mind off her ex-husband and men.
Except that she has to work with Noah, a pugilist with an attitude and appalling manners to make a pirate look like a refined gentleman. Still, maybe an adventure with a man so different from the aristocratic gentlemen she’s used to is what she needs.
She wonders if her uncanny power will discover all his dark secrets. Or if her heart will be broken again.  
**For adults. It contains sex scenes and other dark themes**

You can receive a free copy here:

I'd like to thank my beta readers, and my proofreader, Kathy Mayer for her great work!