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These are a few of my favourite (steampunk) things

I love steampunk because it mixed history with cool sci-fi elements (there lots of machines, steam-powered of course), and it’s even better when there’s some romance. So here are a few of my favourite steampunk books!

                                           Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster

I love everything from Bec, especially her steampunk series set in an alternate-history Victorian London. There are vampires (called bluebloods) and werewolves (lupens) that add a touch of paranormal to the story. Although the bluebloods and the lupens aren’t paranormal creatures but humans infected by a virus.
Bec’s writing is just gorgeous and her characters awesome. I always fall in love with her characters and her great world-building.
There’s a lot of steamy romance as well.

                Nefertiti’s Heart-The Artefact Hunters by A. W. Exley

The first book of the series is free on Amazon, so grab a copy of this wonderful steampunk/romance book. There’s a touch of supernatural in the series with magical artefacts and curses. Cara is a strong heroine with a troubled past (a bit of dark themes here) and she’s determined to sell her late father’s collection of ancient artefacts. She doesn’t know that these artefacts aren’t just ancient items.
Superb, well-flowing writing with three-dimensional characters. If you love romance and suspense, this book is or you!    

                               Steam and Sensibility by Kirsten Weiss

This series is set in the nineteenth century in the US. Sensibility Grey is a smart scientist, hunted by secret agents who want her father’s invention. The story has lots of adventure and some clean romance, so if you don’t like steamy reads, this book is for you.

                                   Eden’s Voice by Catherine Stein

I loved this book, the first in the Sass and Steam series. There’s a bit of everything: adventure, steamy romance, sport, and clockwork creatures, all wrapped into one entertaining novel. I love Catherine’s style. It’s light and funny, and humour is always welcome in a story. You’ll fall in love with this amazing book!

                             Unnatural History by Jonathan Green

Who said that a steampunk story has to be set in the Victorian Era? The Pax Britannica series of Jonathan Green is set in  modern times where steam is the main source of power. Queen Victoria is a 150-year-old, half-cyborg monarch who managed to conquer even Mars.
Lots of adventure and cool technology. There’s some clean romance too, although romance isn’t the main plot of the story, so if you prefer a clean read, I strongly recommend this book.
Happy reading!

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