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Never Too Late by Pamela Towns

Brenda Fairbanks, deems her marriage as everything she needs until an old tape surfaces with a mysterious woman’s voice on it. Her happiness now spirals into doubt as she sets out to uncover the truth, all the while slipping recklessly into the arms of an old flame.

​Gail Strawberry, Brenda’s wealthier first cousin, knows about the tape and doesn’t want Brenda destroying her marriage. As she tries to keep Brenda’s life afloat, her own is marred between lovers, and a family secret that may ruin her relationship with her cousin forever.

​But, when Brenda survives an unimaginable tragedy, she and Gail are forced to trudge through the reality of their lives and the haunting past of family skeletons. In spite of everything, there’s one secret Gail has yet to fully divulge.

Five stars for this amazing novel by author Pamela Towns. During her pregnancy, Brenda finds

evidence of her husband cheating on her. From that moment, a spiral of revelations, secrets, and

misunderstandings starts, until Brenda discovers who her husband’s lover is (no spoilers, lol)

This books portraits three strong women, Brenda, her cousin Gail, and Brenda’s stepmother Shana. It’s an emotional roller coaster with a few funny moments and characters that will touch your heart. The writing is just beautiful.  

As a native of Detroit, Michigan, author Pamela Towns majored in English at the University of Detroit Mercy.  Shortly thereafter, her writing career began to flourish, making its way to publications such as, Essence magazine, newspapers, online articles, blogs, an anthology, and a play advanced to The Detroit Repertory Theater.
Her work, dubbed as "moving" by television producers, ushered in an appearance on the original Queen Latifah Show.
"I've always wanted to write inspiring stories," she states. "I'm fascinated by individuals who're honest about their fractured lives. My characters are often based on such people."
In addition to writing books, she enjoys exploring pockets of Georgia where she now resides with her husband and daughter as well as traveling the U.S., and abroad.
Author Towns has two published novels under her belt, Never Too Late and Moment of Certainty. She is currently working on her third book, Twelve Years.

1) What inspired you to start writing?

I’d say a few seeds were planted involving my love for storytelling.  My dad was the first as he oftentimes told me made up tales involving strange, descriptive characters with funny names. I could see them vividly, especially when my dad’s voice became animated with each climax.
Thinking back to my days as a teen writer, my first story swelled with shifting characters and a revolving story that pivoted based on what I thought classmates wanted that given day. You see, I was compelled to write a story because my best friend had written one.  This was the second seed that had been planted. I'd nearly forgotten to breathe when my dad held my salacious story in his hands.   (He wasn’t supposed to see that version.) My father simply blinked as if dust particles had invaded both of his eyes, but praised my work, just the same.
Over the years, penning inspirational stories became an effortless decision. For me, writing fiction is more than stringing words together. It’s a heightened sense of purpose. I’ve seen the tragedies and triumphs of others, in addition to my own life’s journey, which is what propelled me to craft stirring stories in the first place. After all, aren’t we all just a collection of stories?

2) What advice would you give a new writer just starting out?

They should consider the reasons why they enjoy writing, first off. Is it simply for entertainment, or do they see this as a serious business? This is important because when a writer encounters obstacles, and they will come, they should already have a vision established for what they want to achieve involving their creative work. That brings me to my next point.
Writers should be thick-skinned. You write enough books and you’re apt to get a less than desirable review. It is humbling and teaches you that no writer can please everyone, even though you’ve put your heart into the work with thorough editing, research, and so on.
Lastly, I’d say respect the craft of writing. That means reading, doing research, getting to know the characters to where they are multi-dimensional, and telling the best story possible. Once you release it to the universe, you want to be able to sit back and say you delivered your best.

3) What are you reading now?

I’ve just finished reading Being Lara, by Lola Jaye. The Protagonist is torn between a life in Nigeria and London, with her day-to-day living pulling her everywhere in the middle.

4) Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?

Yes, I do! Some authors claim to never get this plague, but I do on occasion, and it’s mostly how to go deeper with the character or striving to tell a more compelling story to where all the pieces fit. Once I feel stuck, I put aside the chapter and mull over ideas about the story, still refusing to look at the written work for a day, even sometimes up to a week. I jot down thoughts, and I must say, often answers come to me once I wake up from a long rest.  Sometimes plots are solved because I’d dreamed them!
Make no mistake, writing is hard, and good writing is even tougher! But a true artist understands the challenges. They can appreciate the importance of the toil. Most individuals don’t see the world the way writers do. For that, we owe it to the universe to share our stories.

Thanks for joining me!

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