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Gaslamp: This Weird Genre

Gaslamp, known also as Gaslight Fantasy, is just a fancy way to describe a paranormal/urban fantasy book set in the Victorian Era. It isn’t a recent genre as some think.
Dracula by Bram Stocker perfectly fits this category, although it might be closer to the horror genre, compared to other Gaslamp stories I read.
I love this genre for many reasons: The setting is my absolute favourite (you should know that by now). There’s always plenty of social conflict (typical of the historical period), and the technology doesn’t spoil the fun. I mean that it’s more difficult to set a paranormal story in modern times. With cameras everywhere, DNA tests, and cell phones, it’s hard to find a way to keep supernatural creatures and monsters a secret.
So here are some of my favourite Gaslamp novels:

Shadowbound by Bec McMaster

This is the first book of the Dark Arts Series. Set in Victorian London, the story includes witches, wizards, spells, and potions in a sort of Harry Potter-ish way by for adults. (It means that there sex scenes.)
I highly recommend this series. The writing is beautiful and the story becomes more intriguing as the series progresses.

Dawn’s Promise by A. W. Exley

This is the first book of the Silent Wings Series. The world building is very original, a bit similar to a fairy tale story but with enough twists to make it fresh. It’s a slow burn from the romance point of view, and the story might be a bit dark in places (nothing major though).

Prince of Hearts by Margaret Foxe

First book of the awesome Elders and Welders Chronicles Series.
I’m cheating here because this book is also a steampunk novel, but there are vampires and supernatural creatures as well, so I think it can be labelled as Gaslamp, too.
Lovely writing, great characters, and an original plot are reasons why I love this series so much. Give it a try!

Last but not least The Last Necromancer by C. J. Archer

This is suitable for a young adult audience and for those who love a very slow burn romance. The world building is excellent and the two main protagonist (Charlie and Lincoln) are very well portrayed, but I’m going to be honest. While I read the whole series (10 books) I think the first 3 are the best. After that, in my opinion, the story starts to drag and the main plot become very diluted through the rest of the books.
But it’s a fun read.

My latest Gaslamp romance is The Royal Occult Bureau # 1, in case you were wondering 😏

London 1887 

My name is Asia Quicksilver, and my life has never been a bed of roses. Well, I spent a lot of time in a bed, but not to sleep. As a whore of the luxurious brothel De Luna House, I’ve seen a lot of action in the bedsheets . Not that I’m planning to whore myself forever. Once I set aside enough pounds to move out of London, I’ll start afresh.
My little plan goes out of the window when a handsome and menacing man asks to be my exclusive client. I can’t refuse. The pay is too good.
Except that he doesn’t just want to tell me his name, but he doesn’t want to touch me. He doesn’t undress me. He doesn’t even want to see me naked. It’s the first time I meet a man who pays good money to watch me read a book.
Apparently, he’s interested only in sitting in my bedroom for the whole night. When he claims that an incubus is after me, I don’t believe him. He must be another one of those opium addicts that cram London’s streets.
But after a man with uncanny strength, speed, and charm attacks me, I wonder if my new, dark client is right. 
**Paranormal romance for adults. It contains sex scenes. This is the first book of The Royal Occult Bureau series and it ends with a tiny cliff-hanger (not a dead or alive situation) and a HFN**

It’s available for review on Story Origin :

You can download a mobi, epub, or PDF copy and free on Kindle Unlimited.