The Organised Author

Nancy Wake by Peter Fitzsimons

Nancy Wake’s amazing story is described with great details in this lovely book. After escaping from her home at the age of sixteen, Nancy leaves Australia to travel Europe. She becomes a journalist and when she witnesses the Nazis whipping Jews in Vienna, her life changes. She vows to dedicate her time to inform people of the atrocities the Nazis were perpetrating in Austria and Germany.   But she’ll do more than that. She’ll join the British SOE (Special Operation Executive) and then will guide the French Maquis against the Nazis to free France, blowing up bridges and attacking Nazis troops. It’s the real story of an amazing, brave woman who would become one of the most decorated war heroines of World War II. But I confess I couldn’t read the last chapters. I stopped reading when Nancy had her happily ever after with her husband John… I couldn’t read the chapter where she died.