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When To Now

When my friend and fellow author Alison McBain, chief editor of Fairfield Scribes said she was open to submission for time travel short stories for an anthology, I sent her Miss Princott’s Time Travel Agency, thinking, “Nah. She’ll never say yes. She’ll never like it.”
So I was excited and surprised when she told me that Fairfield Scribes wanted to publish my story! The awesome Fairfield Scribes editors worked really hard to improve the story, and I’ll be always grateful to them for their time, help, and suggestions. My story is now part of an incredible collection, and I’m proud of sharing this work with so many talented authors.
There are stories for everyone’s tastes. They’ll make you laugh, cry, and they’ll make your heart beat faster. An awesome read!
A short blurb of my short story: Miss Princott owns the first time travel agency in the world. She’s seen it all: palaeontologists wanting to visit the Jurassic Era, and historians eager to witness a battle. Sounds exciting? Not to her. Being chased by a T-rex gets old pretty soon. And dangerous.
So when an English professor asks to visit Verona in 1527 where Shakespeare took inspiration for one of his most famous works, she jumps to the opportunity to escort him. Except that the professor interferes with history by saving a girl from her attacker, and oops they are stuck in Verona. 
Tomorrow, Teresa Richards will continue our book release blog hop about When to Now on her website-
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